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That’s right, folks! Gotham is back on tonight, Monday, February 29th @ 8 PM Pacific time on Fox 11!

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The Walking Dead – Knots Untie

“Your world is about to get a whole lot bigger.”


                     The Hilltop community

“Your world is about to get a whole lot bigger!”

Hope rises as the Alexandrians are told by Jesus about his community, amongst others as well. There is an entire trade system linking these communities and Jesus offers to include Alexandria to aid them in their depleting food stash.

Abraham is conflicted between Sasha and Rosita. He is distraught to learn that he will no longer be accompanied Sasha on patrol, and, even when with Rosita, his thoughts are of Sasha.

Their integrity is shown once again by saving more of Jesus' people from walkers after their vehicle overturned, which gives them even more credibility to the"Hilltop" community.

The Hilltop residents become a little weary of Rick and the group after killing one of their men, even though he attempted to kill Gregory, their leader. He was motivated by protecting his brother from Negan, a local band of marauders that uses scare tactics to get what they want, which is half of everything they have at the Hilltop.

Maggie is learning to walk, or run, in her negotiating shoes with Gregory after he made advances on her, offering supplies for her"services." In the end she scored with half of the Hilltop's food with offering their services in protecting them against Negan.

Maggie and Glen get an ultrasound from the Hilltop doctor and get an image of their baby and pass it around on their return trip to Alexandria, RV filled with tons of food.

More than a feeling (The walking Dead review)


The Walking Dead: “The New World” s06e10

It is More than a Feeling for Rick and Michonne tonight! It got steamy! #Richonne

This episode (“The New World “) begins two weeks after the incidents in the previous episode “No Way Out” and things are really beginning to look up again in Alexandria. Carl is better and back to his normal life, other than the eye patch of course, which makes me think of “The Governor” after he lost his eye. The compound is secured again and everybody is working together to rebuild what they once had and Denise’s confidence has grown tremendously in her ability to care for the group.

Family ties!
That was the theme for this episode. AMC did great to strengthen the bond between particular characters building a sort of family structure within the walls. Spencer learns from Michonne that the residents of Alexandria are his family. Enid is consoled by Maggie and thanked for saving Glen’s and her life. Denise is growing in her confidence to care for the group and they accept her as such.

A new person is brought into Alexandria. Rick and Daryl ran into him, or vice versa, and fight back and forth, in the end losing their precious supply truck in a lake on account of their fighting. As the truck slides into the lake the open door hits “Paul” knocking him out. Rick and Daryl drive him back to be treated by Denise, and Daryl watches over the prisoner.

After each having a long day Rick and Michonne talk on the couch about their adventures. It’s very flirtatious in nature, but, then again, they always have been a bit. Long story short, they end up in bed together. I always thought that they flirt a lot, but I never expected this to ever happen. I do suspect, however, that they will try to hide it and maybe even try not to let it happen again, but it could also be the beginning of something here.
Rick and Michonne or lie in bed when they are awoken by somebody calling Rick’s name. It’s Paul! He’s free and tells Rick “I think we need to talk!”

What do you think Paul wants to talk to Rick about? He doesn’t seem like a bad guy, but I guess we’ll see.

Review: The Walking Dead s06e09


     That’s the best way to describe my reaction to the season 6 mid-season premiere! Dang!

Spoilers will be included from this point forth.

     So, after the season 6 mid-season finale I was slightly disappointed. There wasn’t too much fighting. Not many heads sliced off and not too many walkers’ brains impaled. But that wasn’t even the most disappointing thing.
     I was disappointed that, it seemed, the writers took the easy way out by making the survivors walk through the undead again covered in their innards. I felt it was sorry of cheap because they had already done that in season 1.

     However, with that said, I wouldn’t have felt that way had I known what they were planning for this particular scene. Totally worth it!
     Here’s a short recap of the awesomeness that ensued. . . (long, deep inhale)

     As Rick, Carl, Jessie, Sam, Ron, and Michone attempt to escape, Sam becomes frightened thinking of Carol’s previous intimidation and refuses to continue while beginning to cry. Walkers bite Sam. Jessie (his mother) doesn’t want to let go. Walkers bite Jessie, causing her to drop her pistol, and she won’t let go of Carl as Ron looks in horror as his family is eaten alive in front of him.
     Rick grieves over losing Jessie (obviously showing he loved her), then notices Ron with her gun. Ron expressed his hatred for Rick, and just as he is about to fire, Michone stabs him with her samurai sword making Ron pull the trigger. Rick is relieved until he looks over to Carl. Carl has a hole where his eye used to be and says “dad!” Rick picks up Carl and rushes with Michone to the infirmary where Denise (spoiler alert) heals Carl.

     There is a common thread in “no way out!” that finally brings the surviving members of Alexandria together. That is change.
     Rick’s original group began to think that the citizens of Alexandria could not be the warriors that they had hoped, and the citizens of Alexandria thought Rick and his group could not become domesticated. This episode proved otherwise, however, as each character reached the pinnacle of their character arc.
     Denise finally accepted her role as doctor. Gabriel realized, in a very inspirational scene, that his answer from God was courage itself. Eugene realized that it’s either fight or die. Enid was taught by Glen that the people of Alexandria are her family. The prior citizens of Alexandria realized that they have to fight to keep, and, in this case, regain, what is theirs.
    Finally, and most importantly, Rick learned that the people could defend themselves when necessary.

     Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham return from their previous trip, and after being held up by a biker gang then blowing them to smithereens with an RPG, to help the efforts of ridding Alexandria of all the undead successfully.

     In the end, Alexandria was reclaimed after they all banded together for a singular cause and Carl was saved as well by Denise.